Halton Baptist Church, Old London Road, Hastings, East Sussex TN35 5LU t: 01424 424520 e: hello@haltonbaptists.org.uk

Our Leadership Team

The church is a community of Christians and, like any group of people, needs sensitive and able leadership. 


We are currently in an interregnum. This is a period of time where we do not have a pastor. In the meantime, please email us at hello@haltonbaptists.org.uk


Our deacons are responsible for much of the practicalities of church life. We have 5 deacons who serve in a variety of roles, they are: Nigal Carter, Mick Climpson, Nigel Doe, Edwin Rew  & Steve Hughes.


Currently we have 4 elders at Halton. They are Kathie Storrs, Gwen Wilkins, Harriet Eldridge and Robin Matthews. Along with Matt they are responsible for the pastoral leadership of the church.

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